We are your hosts,
Gavin & Casey.

We’re Casey & Gavin, proud owners of River Pines Inn in Winthrop, Washington! We love welcoming visitors to the wild Methow Valley and nearby North Cascades National Park. Our small team of long-time valley residents is dedicated to creating relaxing and memorable experiences for our guests. 

The Methow Valley and North Cascades are truly unique places. Introducing guests to these incredible environments and supporting the vibrant communities that call this area “home” are a priority and privilege for us. In the winter, you’ll find us having fun on the vast network of cross country ski trails in the valley. When summer rolls around, discovering new hikes in the North Cascades and floating the local rivers are our favorite activities. We hope to see you out on the trails!

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The Significance of our Logo : the Pine Cone

In cultures around the world, the pine cone symbolizes protection, hospitality, and regeneration. As one of nature’s “smart materials”, the pine cone protects and nurtures seeds until conditions are optimal for propagation. The pine cone perfectly represents River Pines Inn as an inclusive refuge, welcoming guests from all walks of life to find retreat and leave feeling regenerated and reinspired.